Frequently Asked Questions
What are the different thicknesses of PaceMaker SIPs? PaceMaker SIPs come in a variety of sizes relating to standard lumber sizes. Below is a list of the different thicknesses, lumber sizes and R-values.
Panel Thickness
Lumber Size
R-Value at 40°F
What are the sizes available? PaceMaker offers many standard sizes of SIPS. We also offer precut services for an additional fee. PaceMaker takes pride in its precutting capabilities. We have precut all types of complex geometric shapes for commercial and residential structures. Below is a list of our standard sizes:

4x8, 4x10, 4x12, 4x14, 4x16, 4x20, 4x24, 4x28
8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 8x14, 8x16, 8x20, 8x24, 8x28

How do SIPs compare in cost to traditional (stick-built) methods? Depending on the structure's design complexity, contractors experience with SIPs, site considerations, etc., SIPs will add a minimal additional cost to the finished cost. Keep in mind that any additional money invested in the structure, will most likely be regained due to reduced heating and cooling costs.
How is wiring installed in the SIPs? Centered in the EPS core are 1-1/2" dia. holes running at 14" and 46" above the floor and 48" OC running vertically. These wires are accessible by cutting a hole in the OSB skin for your fixture box at standard locations. Standard wire fishing is then performed. It is important that the person installing the SIPS drills all the 2× plates in the panels so that the electrician can access the wire chases. Refer to SIP detail page for more information.
Are there sample precut panel layout drawings available for review? Yes. Although specific drawings for your project are developed after an order is placed.
Click here for a sample layout.
Are there any construction details or technical info available for review? Yes. Details and Specifications are available for download in .pdf format.
What finishes are available on the SIPs? To be considered a structural insulated panel (SIP), OSB must be on both sides of the panel directly laminated to the EPS. Although, several finishes are available for attachment to the OSB. Drywall, Tongue and Groove wood planking, Misc. metals and plastics, T1-11 panels are just to name a few. Contact us for more information.
Does it cost anything to have my project reviewed and quoted for SIPs? No. We have a team of designers and estimators that will review your project and provide you a formal written quotation. A quotation usually takes 7-10 days. Contact us for more information.
Are there any contractors that are experienced in SIP construction in my area? We have provided SIPs for thousands of projects all over our service area. We can probably put you in contact with someone that can help you. Contact us for more information.
Are the SIPs that PaceMaker manufactures code approved? PaceMaker takes great pride in manufacturing SIPs that are extensively engineered, tested, and UL monitored. We maintain a NER report that covers all Code bodies. Contact us for a copy.
Do you offer design assistance? Although we will not design your total structure, we will assist your Architect or designer in sizing the structure such that will improve the layout of the SIPs.
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